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1Stamped concrete is very durable, and can last for a long time when maintained properly. Cleaning and maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of debris on the floor. There are some guidelines to be followed to help maintain stamped concrete to retain its texture:

Use a broom to make the surface clean from debris. You can also rinse the surface with water to ensure that the fragments are removed completely.Try to avoid saw cut patterns in floor designs. These narrow cut designs will trap the dirt and it can get accumulated for a long time, which makes it tougher to clean.

Water may not be enough to remove stubborn stain such as grease spots, leaf stains and tire marks. In these cases, stronger cleaning chemicals, power wash or scrubbing may be required.You can enhance the appearance of the floor using a good floor sealer. This top layer protection can extend the life of the floor. Period sealing is also a great way to make your concrete less exposed to moisture penetration.Before applying any sealer, make sure that the floor is washed well. Also, allow it to dry thoroughly for a full day to get best results.

Apply a good floor wax to prevent your stamped concrete from accumulating stains, dirt and abrasions. A good commercial grade floor wax can protect the sealer and is easy to reapply once it causes wear.Floor mats can help reduce the problems of wear and tear to a great extent. It can reduce the maintenance cost and is very efficient while we use it in entrances and foyers.Avoid frequent movement of furniture on the floor to avoid scratches and marks. Fixing plastic glides at the bottom can protect your concrete surfaces from getting exposed to cuts and scrapes.

Above all, regular maintenance from a professional stamped concrete company is highly recommended to remove tough stains and to fill the broken or mangled concrete tiles from time to time. Call us at +1 (954) 214-4343 or contact us for expert surface maintenance services anywhere in South Florida.

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