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stamped concrete south floridaIt is an inevitable truth that the proper maintenance is a must in case you are planning to enhance the durable level of the stamped concrete. Moreover, with good quality and long lasting cement, there are different products which can be constructed for public and private use. However, there are some eminent questions, which are to be answered in order to increase the durability of the product.

1. How to make the concrete hard?

You can increase the durable rate of the cement by mixing proper amount of sand, cement, water and stone, which will give rise to the procedure, named as hydration. Here, the cement particles are going to create extensions, which will result in interlocking matters.

2. How to minimize the PSC?

Well, Plastic Shrinkage Cracking (PSC) are cracks which appear on the surface of fresh concrete while it is still in a plastic or non-hardened state. This type of cracking is probably the most common type of cracking. In order to decrease the PSC to increase the durability of concrete, you have to apply fog spray to avoid fast drying out. Moreover, you can also dampen the formwork, sub-grade and also reinforcement.

3. How will hot weather create an impact on the concrete placement?

Higher temperature is going to increase the water demand, which will give rise to higher cement or water ratios. Higher atmospheric temperature might also lead to longer set time and can accelerate the slump loss of the entrained air. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid cement interaction at hot weather directly.

4. Why need help of the accelerator?

You might have to take help of the accelerator like non-calcium chloride and more, in case of reinforcement steel is used. This will help speed up the set timing.

5. Why need to take help of insulator?

For increasing durability of stamped concrete, insulator is used for maintaining the temperature of the concrete. Insulator will protect the cement from the freeing condition outside. Stamped concrete South Florida contractors are known for their best deeds in FL region.

If you either need a maintenance work or whole installation of stamped concrete driveway, please call us today itself at (945) 434-0007 in order to know how we can help you out!

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